Leather Ratchet Belts

Create custom Leather ratchet belts

Genuine Italian leather ratchet belt with custom metal buckle. A belt to fit you perfectly with no holes needed. 

  • One size fits all – simply trim to size required
  • Fully adjustable
  • 135cm Darl Brown Leather
  • MOQ 10
  • Interchangeable buckle option
Product variants:
Each belt is fully customisable/ adjustable and 1 size fits all 

Minimum order quantity is 10 pieces with the same logo design.

One size fits all. Simply remove the buckle, trim the excess leather off the end with scissors and refit the buckle. As the belt relies on a ratchet system rather than holes in the leather, the belt is fully adjustable.

The top quality Italian leather is only available in dark brown.

Turnaround time for your custom order is 5 weeks.

The logo is lasered onto the metal and therefore means the logo will be one colour. Due to the size of the buckle some logos may need to be altered slightly to get accurate detail and to fit shape of the buckle.

Simple logos work best but please contact us with your logo for further advice to if it would be suitable.

Interested in ordering your own branded leather ratchet belt merch? Contact us through the form below to get started: