Matte Finish Insignia Custom PENS

Create custom Pens

Laser engraved logo on good quality matte finished pens.

  • Laser engraved logo
  • Matte finished
  • Stylus on clicker 
  • Choice of 18 colours
  • Pen boxes also available

Minimum order is 50 pens.

They are available in 18 different colours. Minimum order of 10 per colour within the total order.

The logo is lasered onto the metal and therefore means the logo will be a standard white/silver appearance. Due to the size and shape of the available area some logos may need to be altered to accurately fit the pen.

Simple logos work best but please contact us with your logo for further advice to if it would be suitable.

Interested in ordering your own branded pen merch? Contact us through the form below to get started: