Vacuum Travel Mugs

Create custom Vacuum Travel mugs

Double walled vacuum mugs, keep liquids hot or cold in your customised travel mug.

  • Double walled insulation
  • Stainless steel
  • Keeps liquids hot or cold 
  • Available in different colours 
  • 3 different methods of logo application 
Product variants:
Available in 3 sizes: 30oz (887mls), 20oz (590mls) or 12oz (353mls). 30oz & 20oz available in 26 different colours. 12oz available in 5 colours. Colour availability is depending on stock levels and order quantities.

20oz and 30oz minimum order quantity is 25, 12oz minimum order amount is 50.

If ordering the minimum order quantity of 25 in the 20oz and 30oz they need to be all the one colour. If you are ordering 50, you can get 5 different colours options. The minimum order of 50 12oz mugs can come in 2 colours.

Lasered logo, Silk printing or 3D printing. Some logos will be better suited to a particular style of application.

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