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Our Story

Where our story begins

We are a family of 5 and stud cattle producers located at Dundee in beautiful New England. We have been breeding Hereford cattle for decades. In 2005 we registered our Battalion Hereford stud, 2016 we diversified into another rapidly rising breed and registered our Battalion Speckle Park Stud. In 2019 we had two small kids and were amid the worst drought in history. We were feeding and watering our core stud breeding herd to keep them alive. Our youngest, at the time, had some health issues that potentially would evolve into major surgery while being away from the farm for long periods. Like many others, we ended up battling bushfires for most of December in that same year. Something had to give.

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How the custom trucker hats idea came to life

 We have always been mindful that many of the most successful farmers have an off-farm business that is not reliant on the weather and market prices to be successful. We have also always been firm believers in the power of client appreciation and practice this religiously with our cattle clients. As we had been giving our clients hats for many years, we decided it would play to our strengths to develop what was already an existing practice for us into a stand-alone business. We know the feeling of having your clients or customers appreciate a gesture of generosity in the way of a small token of appreciation. That feeling of seeing a client wearing your custom trucker hat with pride is hard to beat. At Insignia Co. we aim for everyone to have that same feeling with their clients.

Here we are now - making quality custom trucker hats

What started as a necessity to ease the financial pressures of drought, is now a flourishing award-winning enterprise, catering to small business right through to international corporations. We would love to have a chat with you about how we can help your business stand out from the crowd and how you can get that feeling of pride through your very own custom trucker hats.

– Grant, Kylie, Travis, Grace & Hailey Kneipp 

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